How healthy is your gut?

Gut health is vital to overall health. Dysbiosis (a microbial imbalance of the gut) will often lead to a vast array of modern illnesses. On the other hand, a healthy gut, will keep your immune system strong fighting off pathogens including COVID-19, improve absorption of nutrients resulting in better overall health and less chance of deficiencies.

NeoVos have developed an innovative test to identify your gut health.

NeoGut measures key biomarkers, produced by gut bacteria, called Short-Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) as a universal indicator of gut health.

Receive an easy to use home test kit, collect a small sample of your stool sample and post in any royal mail post box. We’ll analyse your sample at our state of the art laboratory, based in Derbyshire, and send your your results within 2 days of receivng your sample.

(Note: Most sample take a couple of days to arrive at the lab but sometimes royal mail can take up to 10 days to delivery your kit due to the COVID-19 disruptions, dont worry your sample is safe and stable).

You’ll receive a gut health score out of 10 as well as personal dietary and lifestyle advice on ways to improve your gut health. After 1-6 months, test yourself again to measure the effectiveness of the changes.

Order your test today to find out how healthy your gut is. It is recommended to follow your usual diet and lifestyle and collect a sample so the result is representative. Collect your sample anytime. Kits have a 6 month expiry date.

You can take a single test, or subscribe. Cancel anytime.

Price includes VAT and delivery and return delivery.


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