The Importance of Fibre

The Importance of Fibre

No doubt, you’ve heard the importance of fibre and how it helps your gut health, but there’s a chance you don’t understand why or really understand fibre at all. Well, that’s why we’re here. Read ahead to increase your understanding of why you should be keeping up with your fibre intake.


There’s a reason why fibre is talked about more frequently in some circles. There have been scientists shouting out about the benefits of fibre, but for some reason it seems to be something that is coming to light a lot later. There are lots of benefits to making sure you hit your daily intake.

Benefits of Fibre:

  1. Fibre promotes a positive environment for the ‘good’ bacteria to thrive.
  2. It helps to keep your bowel movements regular and softer, helping reduce the risk of constipation.
  3. Controls the absorption of the sugars found in carbohydrates to support energy levels.
  4. Reduces cholesterol.
  5. Associated with a lower the risk of heart disease, strokes and bowel cancer.
  6. Supports weight loss.

How much do I need?

In 2015, government guidelines were published recommending that adults should aim to eat 30g of fibre a day as part of a balanced diet. At the time it was thought that most adults only ate an average of 18g daily.

For children, the fibre recommendations are as follows:

  • 2-5 years old – about 15g a day
  • 5-11 years old – around 20g daily
  • 11-16 – about 25g a day

Can I have too much fibre?

Well, yes. If you’re trying to up your fibre intake, it’s worth increasing it slowly over time so you don’t have any side effects. It’s also advisable not to go mad on the fibre even if you eat the daily intake now. Some recommend not eating more than 70grams a day. However, for some it could be less. If you are eating too much fibre, your body will let you know. Here are some signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Bloating
  • Flatulence
  • Constipation

If you experience any of these symptoms, reduce your fibre intake to see if that helps to relieve them. You should consult a doctor if your symptoms persist or become severe. In very serious cases too much fibre can cause a blockage in the bowel. However, this is very rare.

Where can I get fibre from?

When it comes to fibre, like with most things in nutrition, you should aim to get your fibre from a range of foods. Here are some foods to up your fibre intake.

  • Whole grains such as oats.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Wholemeal breads.
  • Wholewheat pasta.
  • Brown rice.
  • Pulses such as lentils, chickpeas and beans.

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