Probiotics vs Prebiotics – What’s the Difference?

Probiotics vs Prebiotics – What’s the Difference?

Probiotics and prebiotics, we hear them both regularly mentioned when it comes to gut health. Nevertheless, do you know what they do, or do you wonder what the difference is between the two? Well, wonder no more as we’ve put this blog post together so you can learn the difference.

Let’s dive straight in – probiotics are living bacteria that will add to the bacteria in the digestive system. Prebiotics are plant fibres that are food for good bacteria; this helps the good bacteria to develop. So, probiotics are beneficial, or ‘good’, bacteria and prebiotics are food for the good bacteria.

The food and your lifestyle will play an essential role in how much good and bacteria you have. Typically, those with a healthy lifestyle will have more good bacteria than those with an unhealthy lifestyle. A high fat and sugar diet will negatively impact the gut bacteria and help feed the harmful bacteria. Regularly eating an unhealthy diet will allow the harmful bacteria to grow more quickly than the good bacteria, ultimately leading to a less healthy gut.

Smoking, a lack of exercise, overconsumption of alcohol and antibiotics are also thought to affect the gut negatively. Also, studies have found that foods treated with pesticides may cause issues in the gut. However, this research is still in its infancy.

Alternatively, eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle can positively influence your gut health. This way of life will allow the good bacteria to thrive and grow faster than the harmful bacteria, thus improving your gut health.

Having plenty of good bacteria in your body can help protect you from nasty bacteria and other harmful things. In addition, research has shown that a wide variety of good bacteria can help address issues such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, aid your immune system, and improve your mental health.

In conclusion, keeping your gut bacteria healthy and balanced is a significant factor for your health. By consuming plenty of prebiotics, you ensure that the good bacteria stay well-fed and thrive.

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