Our Advanced Gut Test is Here

We are proud to introduce the NeoVos Advanced Gut Test, a significant step forward in gut health testing.

Our new test takes the best parts of our Functional and Compositional tests and combines them. Put simply, the Advanced test measures what bacteria are present in your gut and how effectively they produce vital chemicals. This allows us to provide more specific information to you and help pinpoint areas you should focus on to improve your gut health as quickly as possible.

With the Advanced Gut Test, you’ll fill out a short questionnaire with information such as your age, sex, diet, and lifestyle; send your sample to us, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll then receive a report detailing the bacteria and critical chemicals in your gut and what this means. Plus, you’ll receive personalised advice on how to improve your gut health.

What the test assesses:

Good bacteria: Lactobacillus (Genus) and Bifidobacterium (Genus)

Bad bacteria: E.coli (species), Clostridium difficile (species), Fusobacterium nucleatum (species) and Proteus mirabilis (species)

Vital chemicals produced by the gut: acetate, propionate and butyrate.

Key features include:

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