Introducing the NeoVos Functional Gut Test

Introducing the NeoVos Functional Gut Test

You may have noticed our gut test looks a bit different and you would be correct.

The NeoVos Functional Gut Test is the new and improved version of our NeoGut test. As with our previous Neogut test, you’ll receive your gut health score and personalised recommendations on how to improve your gut. However, now, our new Functional Gut Test also assesses your Branched-Chain Fatty Acids (BCFAs) score as well as your Short-Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs). By analysing both BCFAs and SCFAs, we can get a more precise and more defined picture of your gut health.

High levels of BCFAs create compounds linked to cell damage, inflammation and cancer. Your report will provide information on your BCFA levels and offer details on how to improve your score.

The new and improved test also provides an SCFA Ratio for a simple snapshot indicating your guts balance. In addition, there are enhanced diagrams for your SCFA scores, making it easier to recognise where you can make improvements. There is also more information regarding your BMI score and new information about your gut health and stool consistency. Finally, we have redesigned the diet and lifestyle recommendations, providing you with a score for both aspects and offering more information and actionable advice.

Simply put, our new functional gut test gives you a more comprehensive overview of your gut health. In addition, the results will provide you with more actionable suggestions in an easier to digest format for a better you, better tomorrow.

New and improved features include

  • Now includes Branched-Chain Fatty Acids (BCFAs) scores as well as Short-Chain Fatty Acid (SCFAs) for a more comprehensive snapshot of your gut health.
  • New SCFA Ratio for a simple snapshot of their balance.
  • Additional age and stool consistency information and improved BMI information.
  • More diet and lifestyle tips and actionable advice.
  • Redesigned diagrams and recommendation areas, making the sections more accessible and easier to understand.

Expect expert tips, health information, and amazing offers headed your way!