Five Gut Foods That Aren’t Fermented

Five Gut Foods That Aren’t Fermented

By now, you’re probably pretty aware that certain foods are better for your gut than others. Read anything that mentions foods for your gut, and you’re bound to happen upon some fermented food. Sauerkraut, yoghurt, kimchi, kombucha are all great at providing you with good bacteria and helping your gut, but we know there are plenty of fussy folks out there who don’t like fermented foods. So we’ve created a list of five gut foods that aren’t fermented with that in mind.

Whole Grains

Not only do whole grains contain plenty of fibre and make you feel fuller for longer, but there is also evidence to suggest that whole grains promote the growth of good bacteria. It’s worth noting that many grains contain gluten, so if you have any gluten sensitivity, grains may harm the gut.


Using fresh ginger in stir-frys, smoothies, teas, soups or whatever else takes your fancy is a great way to add some gut-friendly spice to your diet. Ginger helps by stimulating the digestive system, keeping everything moving. Also, it improves the production of stomach acid to help break things down.

Olive Oil

Your gut likes some healthy fat, and olive oil can provide that in spades. Research shows that it can ease digestive issues and reduce gut inflammation. Plus, it provides polyphenols that help fight disease. So try drizzling some on your salads, vegetables or pasta.

Fruit and Vegetables

It might be a boring one, but simple fruit and vegetables are great for your gut health. They provide plenty of fibre to encourage good bacteria to grow in your gut, provide plenty of vitamins and nutrients, and there is evidence to suggest they can prevent some bacteria linked to certain diseases.


With a high fibre content, plenty of good fat, polyphenols and probiotic properties, almonds are a treat for your gut. Add them to salads, pasta dishes, porridge, granola, or just eat them on their own as a snack.

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