Easy Sauerkraut Recipe

Easy Sauerkraut Recipe

By now, you are probably well aware that fermented foods are great for your gut health. With that in mind, we’ve got an excellent sauerkraut recipe for you so you can get fermenting at home and give your gut that extra helping hand.



1 medium sized cabbage shredded

1 tbsp salt

½ tsp caraway seeds (optional, they just add some extra flavour)


  1. Make sure you have a clean mason jar ready. The cleaner the better chance the good bacteria has.
  2. Put the sliced cabbage in a bowl and add the salt over the top. Then massage and squeeze the cabbage with your hand until the cabbage becomes watery and limp. It will probably take about 10 minutes.
  3. Add the caraway seeds in now if using them and mix them in.
  4. Now add the cabbage to the mason jar. Make sure to keep pushing it down with your fist. Pour the liquid released from the cabbage over the top of it in the jar.
  5. Now weigh the cabbage down with something. You can buy weights specifically for it or use marbles or stones. Just make sure they’re clean.
  6. Add a cheesecloth over the lid and secure it with a rubber band or twine.
  7. For the next day, press the cabbage down every few hours to release more liquid. If after the 24 hours the cabbage isn’t completely submerged just top up with some water and a dash of salt so it is (this shouldn’t be required).
  8. Keep the jar in a dark room for 6-12 days, a pantry is ideal. After day five, start to taste the sauerkraut. When the sauerkraut tastes good to you, depending on your sour tolerance, remove the weight and screw the lid on the jar. Store it in the fridge for several months.

Note: if mould starts to form on the top just scrape it off, the rest will be fine. Make sure the cabbage is submerged to prevent mould.

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