3 Supplements to Improve Your Gut Health

3 Supplements to Improve Your Gut Health

Your gut is a balancing act of microorganisms all living within your digestive tract. Keeping these microorganisms in harmony is the key to a healthy gut and essential for physical and mental health. Here we look at three supplements to get you on the right track.


Probably the most common supplement for gut health, probiotics contain good bacteria which can help the gut function more efficiently. Research shows that good bacteria can help aid digestion, help with certain GI problems, and may provide some relief for those who suffer from IBS. Although you can get plenty of gut-friendly bacteria from food such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, and yogurt, it never hurts to make sure. Taking a probiotic once a day is a great start to helping your gut.


Often confused with probiotics, prebiotics are equally important as they help to feed probiotics which encourages more good bacteria to multiply in the gut. Like probiotics, there are plenty of foods that can provide prebiotics such as apples, garlic, green vegetables, berries, and tomatoes. Nevertheless, by consuming a supplement, you ensure you keep topped up with prebiotics keeping the good bacteria in your gut well fed.


An amino acid, which is a building block of protein, glutamine has anti-inflammatory benefits and helps to repair your intestinal lining. It may also help to relieve diarrhoea in some people and may help some better absorb nutrients. Although not as well-known as pro and prebiotics, glutamine supplements can significantly improve gut health in some people.

These three supplements can help to improve your guts functionality and overall health, particularly when combined with a healthy diet. If you would like to understand how healthy your gut is our Functional Gut test analyses key biomarkers called Short-Chain Fatty Acids to understand how healthy your gut is. View the test here

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